Have lottery-style fun with Keno online

Have you ever wanted to win the lottery? Canadian people have had the lottery available to them for many years now, however only a handful of people ever win. What if we told you that not only could you win the lottery, but do so over and over again winning real CAD online? Online casinos in Canada offer this to you! What makes it even better is the ability to win real money instantly and convert all of the numbers you had picked into cash all online. This is done by playing Keno, unlike the national lottery, draws happen on the spot once numbers are selected.

Best Canadian Online Casinos


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What is online Keno?

Keno is a game that is the most similar to playing the lottery. It is an exciting and simple casino game that can provide hours of entertainment to Canadian gamblers and could reap big rewards in CAD. All players need to do is select between 1 and 15 numbers from a grid of 80 different. They then wait for the draw to take place and should their numbers be selected, they are winners! Depending on a gamblers wager per ball the pay-outs will differ, the more the wager, the bigger the win. Canada is not new to the lottery and certain players may be put off by thinking that all of your chosen numbers will need to match in order to win. This is not true. Keno offers pay-outs for every ball that is selected, there for players can win real CAD by selecting one or two balls that are drawn. Keno is not one of the most popular games in the world of Canadian online gambling, but should not be too difficult to find with the vast array of casinos available

Where to play online Keno?

We have compiled a list of the best casinos available to all gamblers in Canada on this website. The casinos found here all offer Canadian gamblers the ability to play this fun and exciting lottery game for real CAD online. This game is available instantly through all of the casinos listed and the online casinos have been reviewed for your convenience. Here you will find the best casinos that offer Keno to their gamblers and hours of fun and entertainment online in Canada.

Glossary of Keno Games

There are different types of keno games available online, with the most common being the following:

Play 10: This is a game of speed. This feature will speed up the game as well as launch 10 games simultaneously; Canadian gamblers can then sit back and wait for the rewards.

Play 5: Extremely similar to the Play 10 feature, except only 5 games are launched simultaneously.

Play 1: Want to win some CAD betting on significant numbers to you? Play 1 feature allows players to launch one round of Keno, select a few numbers of their choosing and win.

Quick pick: This feature is available in almost every casino in Canada that offers Keno. It will randomly select a few numbers for you and all you need to do is sit back and wait to see how much you have won.

Play online keno and win

Canadian gamblers are able to play this game on many of the top online casino sites in Canada. Winning real CAD is made simple and there is no doubt that the odds of this old Chinese past time are better than the national lottery. This game is available instantly for online play and in downloadable versions.

$1,000 CAD Over 500 Games
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$2,000 CAD Over 450 Games
$750 CAD Over 450 Games